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In this series, we look at organizations that had a history in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , but are now history themselves. We begin our series with Titan, an organization that looked to dominate the French scene beginning in with some of the biggest names in the game. But after ending up on the wrong side of multiple French shuffles and their financial future ruined by a cheater, they closed their doors in The tale of Titan begins in Sept. On Jan. You may recognize some of the names. Prior to their acquisition, this roster was the best in the French scene, and was considered one of the best in the world. They contended with the legendary Fnatic, Virtus. VeryGames took home multiple championships and finished third at the very first Major, DreamHack Winter However, the success would soon slip away.

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One key smoke on every map that all CSGO players need to know

Written by Mike Stubbs Published on We caught up with players at the ECS Finals to get their advice on how you can finally make it out of Silver. You may not want to shout about it, but chances are that you’ve probably been ranked Silver in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at one time or another.

Unfortunately, since KennyS has his/her profile set to private, we cannot fetch his/​her friends list. However, KennyS ‘s matchmaking stats can still be shown if he.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Valve’s New Patch Breaks Ranked Matchmaking. Players ZywOo, KennyS, NEO, TaZ and More to Compete in Red Bull Flic 6 days ago.

There are few things more important than utility when it comes to winning a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There’s nothing worse than getting only silence in return when you ask your matchmaking team if anyone knows any smokes. The problem can be even worse when third-party platforms offer better servers than Valve’s at attractive rates for free players and subscribers.

There, the hardcore Counter-Strike Community meets the casual, and the results aren’t always pretty. This guide offers a quick overview of some popular smokes, and we’ve mixed in some of the less common smokes as well. By making sure that you know just a lone key smoke on each map, you’ll never be caught with a smoke in your hand without any use for it. All of these smokes are specific to the tickrate of the server; in this case, we’ve compiled a list of smokes that work on tick servers.

Everyone already knows this smoke, of course, but it’s not pointless to showcase it again. Somehow all players have managed to mess this one up at least once. The throw isn’t hard. Stick yourself in the first corner and left-click. This smoke gets mixed up with the window Molotov that requires a flatter arc and a run-throw to land from the same position. Mid control is the most important avenue to a win on Mirage.

With the addition of the self boost from bottom mid to wnipers, this smoke is now ten times more powerful.

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Titan KennyS. Last Game Wed, 29th Jun, VAC Banned days ago. Check for live game. Comp. Wins. Competitive Matches Scrimmage Matches.

Earlier today, Valve released a small patch which saw the addition of stats for Neutral items. A welcome quality of life chance, but then players started reporting a weird bug – they automatically gained or lost thousands of MMR points. From what we can tell, players who finished the match when Dota 2 coordinator was offline or right after the patch was released, are the ones who are primarily affected by this issue.

If their last game ended with a victory, they gained thousands of MMR. If they lost, they lost the same amount. Many have theorized that this is due to the server trying to process matchmaking data, over and over again but ultimately failing. Each time an iteration was run, MMR was distributed. Valve has not commented on the bug. The MMR shifts that have occurred due to this bug will likely be reversed by the game when they fix this issue.

CSGO pro play records: most kills, longest game, more

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Kenny Barnes has totally moved on from Kelly Chase and is getting serious with someone else. Here’s what we learned about his new.

That statement would have seemed inconceivable even as short a time ago as a few months. That Swedish rifle maestro has shown such consistency in his performance and resilience to return to the top, with his team, time and time again, that the only player who has ever truly threatened his spot was shox, who was hard-carrying Titan for around three months in the latter half of Secondly, it has often been the case that the AWPer has been a marginalised role in CS:GO, considered less viable in terms of dedicated usage of the weapon and teams being built around star snipers.

Where the latter years of CS 1. That Kenny ” kennyS ” Schrub has become the best CS:GO player in the world as an AWPer both tells the story of the evolution of his career and how the top level teams have learned to integrate the weapon and its unique strengths into their overall playing schemes. A player who was once the outsider on one of the world’s best teams is now the star of the same team and his story has come full circle, but with much development having taken place during the cycle.

It’s no coincidence that kennyS’ rise to the top of the individual player food chain has coincided with his first ever high level offline title in CS:GO. The world’s most dangerous one-dimensional star has become the most well-rounded sniper in the game and carries his team on his back. For kennyS, VeryGames is the team he always should have been playing with. When he joined up with their Source team in , a former team-mate of NBK’s, they found an immediate synergy and would go on to win numerous events over the last stretch of Source’s competitive life-span.

While 1. The early CS:GO tournaments saw the same story play out over and over, as VeryGames could handle every other team in the field, consistently and convincingly showing themselves to be contenders for the title, only to fall to NiP in the final and with an obvious gap, be it psychological or stylistic, between the two teams.

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Pro players spent hours figuring out how to do it themselves and it started to pop up in loads of pro games. But just weeks after it was discovered and shown off in the pro scene it was patched out. Sure there are other similar wall bangs but this was one special because almost everyone loved the idea of it. But when it comes to the pro matches, its fairness was a little more debatable.

kennyS – stream on CACHE

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